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Warren Family Wellness Center

This section of the website is devoted to the members of Dr. Jay’s Chiropractic practice. Here you will find all the information you need to learn about Dr. Jay’s unique approach to hands-on healing, how his office works and how you can be a part of what’s happening there.

Warren Family Wellness Center

2055 Third Ave, Suite B

San Diego, CA 92101


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Office Hours are held:

Monday  3-6pm

Tuesday  10-1pm & 3-6pm

Wednesday  3-6pm

Thursday  10-1pm & 3-6pm

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Your First Visits – for people interested in becoming a new practice member (forms, fees, what to expect, etc.).

Dr. Jay’s Approach to Health Care – his philosophy and how he applies it in his practice.

Light Force Chiropractic Care – Dr. Jay is  a non-traditional chiropractor in that he doesn’t rely on “cracking and popping” type of adjustments (the ones most people think of when considering chiropractic).

Why Dr. Jay Takes Care of Kids – most people are surprised to see so many children in Dr. Jay’s office…this is why.